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Our Man

by Simon Adams

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I wrote this song thinking about the journey we all make in life to what is hopefully an arrival at joy! The Chorus is taken from the voice of someone who has arrived, calling back to an earlier version of himself in the verses, to keep going. If we do, we'll reap the reward and be sitting on the beach, writing postcards to others we care about saying, "Wishing you were here too..."


Our Man
Music and Lyrics by Simon Adams

Well there was this man see, looked just like you did he
Strollin’ down a street which, had about a million exits,
Sign up on the left said, "Don't go straight yet,
Drive into a ditch here
Must be hard to think there is an end, to your searching friend"

Now you can imagine, how this lack of vision
Gets into your head so, that's why he did have these ‘say sos’
"I know where I'm goin’, Prob’ly over mountains,
Valleys, crossin’ deserts, I'll be found to weather weather hard
Coz that's where you are…. and you're calling:"

"Wishin’ you were here too
You should taste with your own eyes
Here the river that flows and the honey so sweet
Can be found flown out of you neat"

Well our man was comin', wouldn't quit for nothing
When the wind was howling, you could hear his say so shouted,
"I know where I'm headed, in the past I've tasted
Now I'm wanting filling, beg your pardon, I'll be pressin’ hard
‘Til my own postcard, inspires others"


You'll be glad to know his search did end, he wishes you were there...

Chorus 3
Wishin’ you were here too
You should taste with your own eyes
Here the river that flows and the honey so sweet to the taste
Can be found flown out of you neat


released December 27, 2013
Simon: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Uus: Drums
Fahri: Bass
Engineered by Dady Lapian
Mixed by Rim Hyoung-Jun
Mastered by Simon Adams

Music and Lyrics by Simon Adams
Artwork by Harry Creech



all rights reserved


Simon Adams Seoul, South Korea

Simon Adams writes alternative songs which come straight out of his life and what he holds most dear: the crossing of chasms in relationship, acceptance, and joy forged in the fire. In listening to a song of his, you'll be taken to a place where you are helped to believe that everything might just be all right after all - that it all adds up to something good. ... more

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